social media specialist salary

Social media specialist Salary

Social media specialist Salary

Social Media Specialist is a person who concentrates on producing appealing and original digital content for different social media platforms of a company. Social media experts generate a social media marketing strategy that promotes customer engagement as well as brand information.

Before writing about social media specialist salary I want to explore some important information, job duties and requirements first.

The Social Media Specialist manages several client’s social media profiles and performs the marketing strategy. He / She also develops and manages video feeds, trending social networking sites, resource centers and blogs efficiently.

The candidate is also responsible for administering the clients with analytics comprehensively, data exhibitions as well as store management records. This candidate should have a proven working experience in a fast-paced environment for delivering various projects on schedule, on budget without errors.

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The goal of  a Social media specialist

The main goal of a social media specialist is to constantly obtain excellent consumer engagement and familiarity, website traffic and income by strategically utilizing all features of the social media marketing gateway.

Job duties of Social media specialist

  • Create, edit, publish and share content ( text, images &video) regularly
  • Growing social media content ideas that are compatible with the company’s brand uniqueness.
  • Creating regular, significant content on all social media platforms, including writing and editing social media posts.
  • Improving customer engagement and increasing social media campaigns.
  • Leading social media posts every day.
  • Interacting with social media followers, replying to queries on time.
  • Tracking and analyzing analytics reports to gain insight on traffic using analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook insights to observe and assess social media presence and performance of a company.
  • Staying up to date with the latest social media trends.
  • Developing and implementing social media tactics through contentious research, platform measurement, benchmarking, messaging and audience identification
  • Setting up and optimizing company pages to increase the social content visibility of the company.
  • Writing content and messages properly, according to company and community policies
  • Build significant relationships and support community members through dialog and messaging.
  • Preparing monthly reports on social media marketing attempts.

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Requirements for Social media specialist

Social media specialists must have a stable knowledge of each social media platform and strong expertise to optimize content that engaging on those channels. Also capable of joining related discussions on representation of the brand and “soft selling” the product by assisting current as well as proposed clients.

  • Strong knowledge and understanding of social media channels and their corresponding members (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit Twitter, etc.)
  • Capability to create and maintain client relations.
  • Capacity to efficiently communicate knowledge and ideas in a typed and oral format.
  • Team player, with the courage to take the lead and lead other departments.
  • Sales, marketing, public relations, and community management experience
  • Excellent professional knowledge and can learn new hardware and software speedily.
  • Strong organizational skills & project management skills

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How to Become a Social media specialist

Although there is no specific education to become a Social media specialist, but strong experience of social media platforms is compulsory. English fluency is also a must here. Because without the English language it is hard to manage social media channels. For entry-level minimum 1 year experience is required and 3 to 5 years experience is enough for a social media specialist.

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Social media specialist Salary


Social media specialist salary is almost near to the salary of a digital marketing specialist. Different countries pay different salaries to social media marketing professionals. Here I will explain some countries that offer different salaries to social media marketing experts having 3 to 5 years of experience in this field.

The average salary of a social media specialist in the USA is between $45k and $50k annually. If we talk hourly salary of a social media marketing expert, that is about $15 to $20 per hour. But if we compare with Canada, their salaries are $55k and $60k per year or $22 to $25 per hour. In UK and Australia, salaries are about $44k annually but if we compare these countries with Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea, their salaries of social media marketers are comparatively low which is about$25k to $30k per year.


Beside it, all other countries pay different salaries to a social media specialist.

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